The War Begins


© 1999 by J. A. Stubbs


While the twins promised to wait six months before destroying the Kan Ke’ El civilization; they had not promised to do nothing.  Kkridee had amassed an army of pirates, gangsters, and raiders.  Along with other psychopaths, thugs and bullies which he had “convinced” to join his cause.  They became bonded to him; and stayed that way, for life.  And they were eager to do anything he asked of them.

A week after the twins gave notice to the Platipla government, Kkridee led an assault on their indoctrination camps on Zilknoc.  He and his army freed hundreds of captive Star Children, including Sheis Avarkim; who would later become his wife.  He took them to the Klolois system: a star near the edge of Pilmissi space.  And resettled them on the third planet, Wylo.  Which he then renamed, Haven.

The ease with which Kkridee had invaded their camps; and destroyed their breeding facilities, alarmed the Kan Ke’ El.  And Platipla’s heirs took the Falfil’s threat far more seriously after this raid.  So they spent the rest of those six months preparing for the twins assault.  But they also redoubled their efforts to hunt down the Star Children.  Who they soon tracked to Klolois’ third planet.

The Platipla government sent a fleet of seventeen warships to Klolois.  To subdue the colony on Wylo; and return the escaped telepaths to the camps on Zilknoc.  When their ships entered the Klolois system they were met by two Pilmissi heavy fighters; a Hemite transport ship and a Sanion Attack Platform.  This group was led by a Riftin Dreadnought; which was under the Charge of Kkridee Falfil.

Four of the attacking ships made a run on the Sanion A. P.  While the rest of their forces turned their assault toward the remaining ships.  These warships had their newest version of thought screen technology.  They were confident their minds were protected against any mental influence from the Star Children.  And each soldier wore their own thought shield, as well.

The four warships advanced on the A. P. in a high velocity assault.  They concentrated a heavy barrage of projectile, and energy weapons, on the Platform; which did significant damage to it.  The warships attack plan was to circle the Platform, and make another run on it.  However, as they made their initial run past the A. P.; they discovered that their instruments were locked.

The Charge of each vessel found that they could no longer control their ships.  So instead of coming around the A. P. for another pass at it; they found their attack vectors took them on into the planet’s atmosphere.  Since they couldn’t find a way change their course or speed; their ships headed straight through the atmosphere.  Then on into the planet’s surface, at attack speed.

The remaining warships didn’t fare any better.  For while the thought screens may, or may not, have protected their minds from the Star Children. Those screens didn’t protect their ships controls, or equipment, from telekinetic manipulation and sabotage.  Thus they used this same tactic to destroy, or cripple, the other Kan Ke’ El vessels.

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