The Kankreel War


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The intruders left no other trace of their raid.  Only a trail of dead Gindi through out the palace.  Even the guards who wore thought screens were not spared.  This act of revenge both frightened and entrenched the rest of his family.  And over the next several years, his heirs sent more teams to find and capture, the Falfils.  For they knew if they could control the twins and their abilities, they could rule Chalera itself.  Often the capture teams they sent out didn’t come back.

When they did return, it was because they had found no trace of the brother or sister.  Meanwhile, the Hinnin learned about the side effects of exposure to pulse waves of Tintic radiation.  They warned other worlds of this danger; and they altered  their Aiszch engines, to stop more mutations.  But it was another thirty years before all other races ceased using the original design.

By then the damage had been done.  For at that point there were thousands of Star Children; on more worlds than anyone could know.  Each with their unique combination of ability and power.  Based on the dose of Tintic pulse wave radiation they got; before they were born.  And given the particular characteristics which some species had.

The Kan Ke’ El government’s continued attempts to capture and control the Falfils, only made them more determined to be free.  The twins finally decided to stop this endless campaign against them, and the other Star Children.  And bring justice to their persecutors once and for all.  So on the first day of the year 312 (by the Hemite calendar) the Falfil twins sent notice to the leaders on Kan Ke’ El IV: the Planet Cantnos.  Which means “foothold” among the Gindi.

They stated that the worlds with sentient life they saw in our galaxy were corrupt, destructive, and a threat to undeveloped worlds.  Planets where young cultures and new species struggled to develop and grow.  They said that “sentience has taken a bad turn, and needs a fresh start.”  They claimed they intended to give Chalera that “fresh start,” by removing all of the sentient species already here.

And in their opinion, the most corrupt and destructive government they saw, was the one that ruled the  Kan Ke’ El planetary system.  For they ruled their own people harshly; and they constantly warred with their neighbors.  Not to mention their relentless persecution of the Star Children.  Therefore the twins decided to purge all sentient life from the worlds in that star system first.

They further announced that they were giving fair warning to the condemned.  So they would know that their days were numbered; and give them time to prepare for their end.  The set the time for Kan Ke’ El’s destruction for six months from that day; by the Hemite calendar.  On that same day; the leaders of more than two hundred governments throughout Chalera, received the same message.  That message came from Marrista Falfil.


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