Thank You

I wrote this poem for my parents a few months before graduating from High School.  There was never any doubt they loved me.  In fact, their love for me was so strong, I feel it still.  JAS



© 1970 By J. A. Stubbs


  • Thank you,
  • for all the times you tried to help,
  • for all the times you explained to me again,
  • things I did not understand.
  • Forgive me,
  • for all the times I brought you pain,
  • for all the times I did not or could not,
  • keep my promised word.
  • Understand me,
  • for through understanding we can become closer,
  • for I only wish to help us all become,
  • the kind of people we want to be.
  • Forgive me,
  • for not understanding you as I should,
  • for letting the world make me small,
  • and unfeeling at times.
  • Thank you,
  • for spending time with me,
  • for caring whether I live or die,
  • fail or win.

J. A. Stubbs


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