Selena’s Gift


Marrista K. Stubbs is a content creator, interviewer, voice actor, and writer.  As well as Co-founder of the venture, Melanin Squared.  Panelist, explorer, Sous Chef, merchant marine; her content ranges from baking to gaming.  Along with tales of her travels.  Marrista is an excellent singer and a superb daughter.  She is also an essential worker; helping to make sure that people with pets have food for their charges.  She offers a poem during this time of the coronavirus specter.  JAS



© 2020 By Marrista K. Stubbs


  • I had a dream of Selena’s rain
  • It brings fire
  • Imparts pain
  • The moon arrives during the day
  • Crimson stars seen from miles away
  • Each drop brings many cries
  • What was salvation
  • Becomes demise

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