Selected Poems


Poetry is, by its very nature, an expression of one’s personal experience.  And there are as many different kinds of poems as there are reasons to write them. One reason writing poems can be so attractive is that they express or embody emotions.  They can capture a mood or your feelings, your beliefs or even your dreams.  Therefore poems often speak to the heart, rather than the head.  So some of the poetry here does just that.

But beyond that, many poems are meant to be spoken or recited aloud.  Which means how words in a poem sound, may affect how its’ message is received or understood.  The human voice is a musical instrument, that we play whenever we speak.  When we play that instrument well, we add content to the message we want to share.  Because of my interest in how words sound; I have explored alliteration, meter and more; through my approach to poetic expression.

Here are a few poems which result from that exploration.


Life Is The Test          Owed To Gunney Marsh          Thank You         The Lesson



More examples will follow.