There are many ways to communicate ideas, beliefs, personal outlooks, and values.  Forgotten Lore Publishing’s primary focus is on the elements (the words) of the English language itself.  But we recognize that there are many other avenues for thought expression and discovery which reach well beyond these building blocks of communication. As our company grows and explores more channels of social interaction and experience sharing, we hope to highlight a few varied examples of the venues our society employs to express ideas,  interact with others, and provide information.

To that end, we shall offer links to resources or venues which may give some insight into the various ways people seek to encourage, or engage, or inspire,  or enlighten, other human minds.  Or sometimes simply entertain you with commonalities of belief and experiences we generally share.  Or yet again offer glimpses into previously unconsidered points of view.  It is our belief that as people understand each other better, the opportunity for mistrust and misunderstanding will lessen.  This may help foster the bond of community, and ease instances of conflict due to self-interest, or fear.  As always, we welcome comments which will further this goal.  [JAS]

We have previously discussed a pod cast known as The Cocoa Chronicles, which is maintained by Marrista K. Stubbs and Commenna Yancey.  They journey to a variety of venues in different parts of this country (and others!)  Now these enterprising young entrepreneurs have reintroduced their pod cast as  Melanin Squared.

Commenna Yancey and Marrista K. Stubbs

Although the format has changed, they still provide a personal and singular perspective of the myriad and varied world of conventions. Along with other types of gatherings.  As well as opportunities they uncover, for exploring the natural world.

From Anima to The ‘World of Disney,’ they investigate a range of different presentations.  They learn about them, explore what they have to offer, then share their discoveries.  Their podcasts offer a sample of what these events are like; through discussions, interviews, videos and myriad pictures.

They present a pod cast which demonstrates a firm grasp of these topics and more.  This includes their original digital content, informative demonstrations,  and their interactive participation.  You will discover even more at their new pod cast: Melanin Squared!

Marrista K, Stubbs and Commenna Yancey of Melanin Squared

See an interview with a “Harry Potter” cast member on You Tube.


Check out the latest Science Fiction short stories from Fore Lore Books!

Balance Retained  On!

The struggle for dominance on our world never ends, but the battlegrounds may change.


The Noble Ladies   On!

If a society is to remain civilized it must have laws.  But how far must we go to protect our society from the lawless?


We also recommend the journey of a wayward gingerbread man, as he flees his cruel mistress, Strelia.  Who is a crafty and relentless witch.  Discover his story: The Adventures of a Gingerbread Man; which follows the travels and troubles of one very fresh cookie, as he learns the ways of the world.

(Artwork by Cleveland Artist, Linda McMillan)

He’s made of gingerbread and he’s on the run.  Why?  He has taken a witch’s enchanted jewel.  And she means to get it back!  He escapes into a  forest world he knows nothing about; with an angry witch on his trail!  Here we see the adventurous cookie as he first discovers the outside world; in:  The Cookie.