Kan Ke’ El Falls (Part Two)


© 1999 By J. A. Stubbs


There have been thousands of Star Children born over the years.  All of them products of the Aisch Drive.  The Rebonse, warship the twin’s parents once served on, had engines the Fontil designed.  Their systems produced more Tintic radiation than either Hinnin or Pandarsi designs.  This impacted their development more that with most others of their kind. Though there were other factors which shaped the power of the Falfil mind.

As they were exposed to that radiation for the entire length of their mother’s pregnancy.  Alsatresa was Transchallian; as was her mate, Cievirensee.  The normal gestation period for their species is eleven months.  So the twins were immersed in a strong Tintic field for almost a year.  There is no record of any other of the “Star Born”, as they have come to be known, receiving as much Tintic pulse wave energy.

Evidence suggests that the Falfil twins were the most powerful of the Star Born to reach adulthood.  And there is no doubt Marrista Falfil was the strongest Star Child ever born.  Still, the full extent of their abilities was never charted.  Yet we know they projected their thoughts into others minds.  Sensations, like smells or sounds.  Feelings, like loneliness or despair.  Emotions, like doubt or fear.  They distorted people’s perceptions, or gave them hallucinations; to make them doubt, or ignore reality.

They read people’s thoughts.  Or created new thoughts for them to think; as they chose.  While it is true that many of the Star Born, had similar abilities.  None of the others matched either the scope, range, or power; of Kkridee and his sister.  For they sensed, and influenced, Gindi minds from orbit.  Even those with the latest, Class Two, thought screens.  Thus they let the leaders of the complex’s  headquarters see glimpses of shadowy, skulking figures; hiding in their facility.

These Charges had been focused on the events unfolding at Cip.  And they were working on a way to shore up the collapsing defenses there.  Until the Falfils gave them something new to worry about.  The concern that there were spies, and saboteurs in their own building. At their request, Under Governor Klakik ordered his security agents to leave their defensive checkpoints.  He sent them to search the compound for spies.

He told his agents to search the compound, and find any spies.  They were also told to bring all spies in for questioning.  But his agents did not hear those instructions.  The orders they heard said that anyone they found with a thought screen was a spy.  And spies were enemies which must be shot on sight.  The only people the agents found who had thought screens, were their fellow Gindi.  Still, his security agents saw them as enemies; and killed them.

When the Charges of the facility learned that Klakik’s agents were killing their own people, they ordered in the regular army to stop them.  A pitched battle soon developed in the administrative complex.  Then Charges commanding the compound had to divert their attention from the battle off-world.  And instead manage the battle taking place around them.  While they did, Marrista and her brother took a Hemite glider down to the planet.

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