The Bond

Sometimes the troubles of the world seem so overwhelming that a person can feel helpless, in the face of such vast problems.  There is no way one person  can address every ill we face.  Yet there is always something one can do that matters; if that is their desire.

At Forgotten Lore Publishing we have chosen to donate blood.  It may not save the world, but it can save someone’s life; or shorten a lengthy stay in a hospital.  Donation is a minor inconvenience compared to the many potential benefits for human life, for our society; and one never knows when the need for blood may surge.

This is why we donate blood, and recommend that others do so as well.  We realize that this option is not suitable, or desirable, for everyone.  We only mention it to point out a straightforward way for helping others, regardless of one’s financial resources. For it is a gift that is always needed, and welcome.


J. A. Stubbs