Fall Of The Kan Ke’ El Continues

FALL OF THE KAN KE’ EL (continued)

© 1999 By J. A. Stubbs


The government realized their security measures were not working as they were meant to.  Although they weren’t sure why.  Whether the reason was spies, saboteurs, or equipment failure.  They could not be certain that their thought screens hid every thought.  But it was clear their “standing orders” were not being followed.  Which meant their tactics had to change.  For they realized they didn’t have the expertise to handle the Falfil threat alone.

Klerint Platipla was now Governor of the Kan Ke’ El system.  And he decided they needed more help to stop the Star Children.  As after four months they had gotten no results from the Hikillie; and they were running out of time.  Therefore, against the advice of the rest of his family; he sought help from Transchallian mercenaries.  For the Transchallians, who called themselves “The Dusters,” had centuries of experience fighting interstellar wars.

The Dusters ruled a vast holding of conquered or colonized worlds.  Therefore they had many armies.  Armies of occupation; Siege armies; and armies of invasion.  For holding so many worlds required millions of soldiers to police their subjects.  But Transchallians saw war as a holy obligation; to improve life in the universe.  So it was an honor for them to serve as “Dusters”.  Since they believed it was the best way to serve their gods.

The royal family, under the guidance of their priests; fostered this belief among the people.  While they pursued every technology for war they could conceive.  And they believed that the best weapon of war was a well-trained soldier.  They also kept one of the largest fleets of stars ships of any race in known Chaleran Space.  Although they needed this armada to patrol their colony worlds.  As well as to support their ongoing war efforts to improve the galaxy.

Yet there were many of their citizens who created their own private armies.  As waging war was a part of their religious beliefs; civilians who did not meet the standards for government military service, still wanted to fight.  Because they were eager for combat, they hired out their forces to other worlds.  And at times even to worlds who were at war with the “Duster Empire”.  For as long as they were at war with someone, it did not really matter who it was.

But members of the Kan Ke’ EL government opposed this decision.  For it was well known that once Transchallians came to a world, they almost never left it.  Or when they did leave, it was never willingly.  But Klerint was more concerned about the easy way that Kan Ke’ El defenses were being thwarted.  And he reasoned that he wasn’t dealing with the Duster government.  Only an army of mercenaries who were ready to fight, just because they believed in fighting.

So, with the governor’s approval, two hundred Transchallian fighters set up a defense perimeter around the Kan Ke’ El system.  They employed their own security measures; and kept their own patrols.  Klerint warned them that they faced telepaths; and gave their pilots the latest thought screens.  This group of Dusters were ordered to stop any unauthorized ships approach to the Gindi worlds.  Which they did effectively; until the day set for the invasion came.


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