Forgotten Lore Publishing, llc’s website exists (in part) to present an access point for novice, unpublished authors of fantasy, fiction, and poetry.  We offer another resource to help  understand English words; how they sound and some ways to  use them.  A firm grasp of the language makes it easier to accurately convey your thoughts.

There are many steps, and levels of commitment, involved in successfully  publishing a book.  While many are plain, some requirements are less obvious to the beginning writer.  However these elements are still critical for creating finished (some would say polished) work.

Writing an original piece of work requires mainly inspiration, effort, and time.  Publishing a completed, ready for market, project requires several separate, discrete skills. Each of which needs be performed well.  Or a great team of dedicated helpers; or else an ample supply of money.

All too often, new writers hold a somewhat romantic view of what successful writing takes.   Because there are so many options available in today’s marketplace, our company is investing in identifying, developing, and sharing the nature of  these requirements for successful publication.

We have an interest in language, and how this ability has helped move humanity along its path of development.  We plan to explore the vast cultural repository of ideas and concepts; which we as people have invested in for thousands of years.

We will look at how shared beliefs change in meaning, and importance, over time.  As well as consider the ways society uses language, and the influx of new ideas. Concepts embodied in words, with their sounds and rules which help develop our evolving culture.

However an important goal of our efforts is our interest in storytelling.  We have a variety of undiscovered tales of discovery, lore, and wonder to explore.  As well as presenting previously unknown writers with fresh, thought-provoking new worlds to discover, and wander through.

In addition, we will look at rules, and tools of language; which drive and nuance the power of storytelling.  This includes identifying the way many common words sound, and how to pronounce them.  If this is something that interests you, take a look at our They Say tab.

Sometimes a single spelling of a word may have multiple definitions.   Or hold different connotations; or even multiple pronunciations.  Occasionally words which have very different meanings sound alike, or the same.  We will attempt to reference some of the more common occurrences of these coincidences.  You can learn more at our Is It? tab.

You may also review a selection of previous postings in our  Reading Library.

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