A Word Further About Voting


Today is the first day of November, 2020.  In our country, we near the date of a recurring civic duty.  This year the event occurs on Tuesday, November 3rd.  On that day we will choose the next step on our path.  We will decide which things we do or don’t want done; and who will oversee the process.   We have also reached a culmination of energy and resources; we have invested this year.  As some of us have tried to win the rest of us to their cause.  But whether any one of us actually votes or not; we are all affected by the approaching election.

That’s because it’s important to the people around us; and what they do affects us.  So the choices we make during each election cycle, influences directly or indirectly, the paths of other people’s lives.  Because we act on our feelings and choices.  And react to how our actions are perceived.  This is true before a vote occurs, as well as after; regardless of what is being voted on.  As different things are important to some of us.  Different issues carry different levels of concern for others of us.  More often than not, we each think that we are right.

So the mere debate over issues generates a variety of responses and actions.  For some of us it is a social event; an opportunity to declare shared values with those who see things as we do.  As well as a chance to convince others that our goals are worthy.  Some of us see an opportunity to display and advance causes we believe are of public merit or interest.  While some of us use the discussion to outline overall policy for society’s benefit. Some of us, of course, use it to make a great deal of money.

Then there are those of us who use the debate to spread disinformation, fear, confusion and lies; to further our interests.  As we have concluded “it’s just the smart thing to do.”  Since it is often an effective tactic for achieving short term goals.  Which means whether we opt to vote or not; we must interact with the society around us.  With all the competing and conflicting forces that go  with it.  Whether it is an attempt to block our votes or buy them.  All to control the outcome of an election.  And thereby gain control over agendas, priorities, resources.  As well as control over others people’s lives, health, and futures.

From our perspective voting is a civic duty, a moral obligation, and right of citizenship.  It is also a chance to express our feelings and wishes for the nature and direction of our society.  Plus have an opportunity to affect and help direct resources; which we could not do otherwise.  If you are able to vote; and haven’t yet, then we urge you to do so.  Because election day is at hand the number of options for voting are diminishing.  Find more information on voting in the November 3rd election of 2020; at:  BetterKnowABallot.com.

We have used it and believe this site will provide valuable information on voting in each state.  The find more of our posts, go to our Reading Library.

Respectfully Yours,

J.A. Stubbs, Editor-In-Chief

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