A Word About Decisions


For those of us who were fortunate enough to be conceived; when we were conceived, we were not consulted.  And when we were born, it was without our consent.  Yet there’s something within us that fights to continue our existence from the instant we draw breath.  From that moment we must make choices; if we want to live.  But we are not born in a vacuum.  We live in a world where we must confront decisions which the people who came before us made.  At first our choices are limited; for as children, we can only use the options given to us.

Yet one day we gain full control of our decisions; and ability to make choices.  Then we forge the environment, and affect the options for ourselves, and for those who come after us.  So while we had no say in our fore-bearers’ choices or decisions; we must still address the conditions they left behind.  In order to prosper, and flourish, and enhance our chances for survival.  If we do, we can provide an environment that improves the options that the people who come after us will have to live with.  But our current decisions are formed under the conditions we are caught in.

Therefore it is important understand the thought behind the decisions we act on.  To be sure that the choices we opt for, stem from our own judgement.  Not a legacy of someone else’s plans, meant for a different agenda.  For while we are bound to each other through our humanity, we are not required to repeat each other’s mistakes.  And each person must decide for themselves whether the ideas being suggested to them are worthwhile.  Instead we should decide its merit, based on the proposal; not the presenter of the plan.  Or solely on the presentation.

We should keep in mind that everyone has an agenda.  It can be an agenda that promotes what is good for them; or for the common good.  It may be a wise use of our resources.  Or not.  It may benefit our personal position.  Or not.  It may help a given group of people.  But harm another.  There may be long term benefits, short term benefits, or no benefit at all to reaching their goals.  These are all factors we should consider be we choose to adopt, and back, an idea.  Because time and resources are finite; and there is so much at stake.

For of all of the potential people who might have been; we are among the relative few that were actually born.  We have been given the chance to have permanent input into reality.  We all come from the same place; and we all start the same way.  Whether the opportunity lasts a few brief moments, or reaches beyond a century.  Thus our choices do more than shape the course of our lives.  Or the path of human history.  Over time our choices display and reveal who we truly are.  So be mindful of the person that you are creating each day.

Respectfully Yours,

J. A. Stubbs, Editor-In-Chief

Forgotten Lore Publishing, llc