A Word About Disasters


There are times when nature, or other blind forces, cause a problem which disrupts the normal course of our lives.  In some cases the unexpected problem is only inconvenient.  Such as the sudden closing of a bridge one crosses to get to work.  Their normal routine is broken, so they must adjust to the new circumstance; and find an alternate route.  Or like a break in the waterline in front of a restaurant, on the day they are the guest Chef.

Again, it is an inconvenient disruption to one’s life.  But the setback is a small one; for they only need to reschedule, relocate, or both.  Sometimes, however, the threat is so pervasive that it is a danger to every living human being.  Then conditions force us to respond to these sudden challenges immediately.   As they are a potential danger to everyone.  When that happens it a priority.  Then we have to reassess what is important to us.  Still we must consider more than just ourselves.

Natural disasters have a wider scope than one person can manage.  Humanity now faces a natural disaster.  A disease that is a concern for every person on this planet.  While no one believes this current emergency threatens human existence; it is a challenge for the health of our global society.  That is because it high-jacks one of our social skills and uses it against us.  So to effectively combat its’ contagion, we must act against our nature.

Which means that we have to separate, rather than come together.  Physically, that is.  Yet our skill at mental collaborating should go on without hesitation.  Whether that means people working to combat the coronavirus; or people caring for those who are ill.  From the people providing “essential services” to the people who are “first-responders”.  Or the people who give donations of time, money, food, and blood.

As well as the people who inform us and entertain us; while we adjust to the current ground rules for living on Earth.  Many people are giving of themselves, and their talents; to lift human hopes and spirit.  So even if they can’t provide any physical support for the people around them; they still try to make life easier for them.  This is evidence that we draw strength from one another.  And that there is a natural inclination for us to help each other.

Here at Forgotten Lore we have our own issues with staff and operations.  While we work our way through these challenges, we will strive to make more content available.  This month we have opened our poetry page.  It is the start of a new section, in the Reading Library.  We will add more to this page over time.  We will provide more, based on interest and opportunity.  In the meantime, we hope and wish that you remain as healthy as you can possibly be.

Respectfully Yours,

J. A. Stubbs, Editor-In-Chief

Forgotten Lore Publishing, llc