A Word About Reminders


Our human society faces a new challenge due to the arrival of the Coronavirus outbreak.  As of today, we can’t be sure how far it has reached, or will reach. We do not know how disruptive to our well-being it will be.  We are not sure how long it takes to incubate or how infectious it can be.  Nor do we know why some people are affected by it, and other people are only carriers.  But worst of all, we do not have a cure or vaccine for it.

Because of the very nature of the threat, one person, working alone; cannot fix this problem.  The existence of this sudden plague is a reminder of how fragile human life on this world can be.  It is also a reminder of how interdependent we are, as a species.  And it should remind us that our choices, freedoms, and options, are largely possible do to the ceaseless efforts of other people.  People, for example, who are developing a vaccine for this virus right now.

We must remember that these “other people” which we work with, compete with, or contest with; have the same DNA driven concerns we do.  The same drive for survival we do; and the same will to live.  It is the fact that we pool our efforts toward common goals which allow us to achieve the successes and goals we enjoy in our lives.  Accomplishments that would be much harder to gain if we were each working alone.

This understanding should be the basis of our outlook when interacting with people.  For we must rely on one another daily, as we work to reach our goals.  When we lose sight of that, it becomes easier (and more likely) that we will work at cross purposes with each other.  And when we let this happen, we make our own victories harder to win.  As our focus has changed from one of task completion to contests of will.

While it is true we must sometimes compete with each other for limited resources or opportunities; we still need each other as well.  Since there are many more times that our efforts fair better when we have a single purpose.  But this truth is often lost in the face of the pursuit of our daily pressures and needs.  As our thoughts tend to dwell on our personal agendas; as our priority.  That is when we need to be reminded of our need for other people.

Because negative things still happen that are bigger than any one person; or group of people.  And there are challenges which are larger than even whole countries can handle.  Such as climate change.  Or the mass extinction of species.  Or the sudden rise of new diseases.  We all feel we have a measure of control over our destiny.  Until some overwhelming event puts us in need of a helping hand. Then we are reminded that we cannot do everything on our own.

We should keep our own dependence on others in mind; and remember every person needs help of on kind or another. At one time or another.  And realize that our ability to help one another is a gift.  While our willingness to help each other has made us masters of the Earth.  That’s a title we may keep, if we don’t ignore the daily reminders we receive of what our real strengths are.

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Respectfully Yours,

J. A. Stubbs, Editor-In-Chief

Forgotten Lore Publishing, llc