A Word About Worlds



While it is true people share many things in common, including our needs, we are also quite distinct.  No two of us are identical; even if we start out that way.  And as we are not all exactly the same, we don’t experience reality in exactly the same way.  We can agree that water freezes at 32°F or 0°C.  But this doesn’t necessarily tell us how cold it feels to one person or another.

As a result it is easy to suppose that our perception of what is real, is likely an approximation of that reality.  Further, this is likely true for most (if not all) of humanity.  So we each see, and live in, a slightly different world from each other.  Due in part to the nature of our senses, and our drives.  Which is likely compounded by the beliefs, needs, or expectations we experience at any given moment.

Beyond that, our powers of imagination create worlds which don’t happen in reality.  Most of these worlds are reflective thoughts and will be only thoughts.  Visions of reality as it could be.  And as we want it to be.  Yet we are influenced, as we witness many  kinds of worlds.  Both landscapes of our vision, as well as our sight.  So it is no surprise we aren’t always sure what are next steps will be. Or which ones are right.

Around us is a society (and planet) full of people who must deal with their own constellation of possible worlds.  Along with the constant pressure to satisfy their wants and needs.  Thus any attempt to promote a new point of view or seek a course of action, will compete with a galaxy of potential worlds.  Since people are interested in promoting their own agendas, they will consider those first.

But we have ways to find accord, if we try.  Humanity has proved this more than once, throughout our long history.  Though it is often as a response to some great need.  For when we do find common purpose or share mutual goals; we turn possible worlds into the real one.  And reaffirm one of our culture’s gifts: that we can combine our wills to a given task.  For our own reasoned benefit.

This is something we must remember when we seek to realize the worlds we want to happen.  While we keep in mind that others have worlds they hope to make real as well.  So as we sort through the many choices in front of us, let us strive to realize only the best worlds.  The worlds which will lead to our own ongoing development and growth.  As well as assure that this world, always has people in it.

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Respectfully Yours,

J. A. Stubbs, Editor-In-Chief

Forgotten Lore Publishing, llc