A Word About Your Self


Each of us is here because of an once in existence occurrence.  An event which will never repeat throughout the rest of time.  And that is the unique occurrence of our birth.  Our lives mean that each of us has a singular impact on reality.  So our influence must remain forever, because nothing that happens in the future changes the past.  Therefore each of us is a lasting part of reality which will persist for all time.

We are each part of the nature of what is.  So we all affect the shape of existence whether we know it or not.  As every life adds to the permanent record of what eternity is.  Thus each life is important because it helps define what existence is.  Which means every life has a meaning.  Because each life causes reality to be the way it is.  But more than that, each life causes reality to be what it is.  For if their influence were absent, then reality would be different.

So each life adds to the fullness of reality.  For each thing that lives expresses its’ existence in its’ unique form.  Which blends with the actions and influence of all that’s around them.  This once in eternity expression of their personal genetic gifts, forms part of the pattern of existence.  Along with the way they share the nature of those traits.  As well as the impact their actions have on other aspects of reality.  And the inevitable reactions that come with it.

As humans it is useful, for our well-being and efforts to survive, to be aware that while our lives may be temporary; our impact on existence is eternal.  All that a person influences, throughout their lives, creates a permanent record in the fabric of what is.  Though it is easy to forget that our day to day actions and decisions combine to make us what we become, over time.  Thus our daily acts of ‘doing’ or ‘not doing’ combine with our drive of wants and needs reveal who we are over time.

The fact that you were born makes you a permanent part of an ongoing experience that never ends.  How you express your existence is something that you alone can best decide.  Your inherent skills, traits and abilities are bestowed upon you in a singular mix.  No one but you can fully understand the nature of that blend.  Or develop and express those attributes as well as the one who is born with them.  So each person has direct input into the content of reality.

Therefore the value of your being cannot be denied.  It is part of your birthright.  It is an element of what it means to be here.  When we keep that in mind, it can give additional understanding and meaning to our lives.  Or as a poem tells us:

remember that you matter

and must never, ever doubt

you are part of existence

and what life is all about

Let us work together to create as rich a reality as human striving can imagine; for the benefit and growth of us all.

Respectfully Yours,

J. A. Stubbs, Editor-In-Chief

Forgotten Lore Publishing, llc