A Word About Loyalty


Loyalty is an expression of personal devotion.  It is an allegiance to something other than oneself.  It is a recognition or an acceptance of the idea that some one or some thing is more important than they are.  Whether it is a pet or a job or a belief. And as such it is worthy of their fealty.  Further it is a pledge of fidelity when one shows loyalty.  It is also a statement that their devotion is just due for what they believe in.

When we are born we know nothing of loyalty, except to ourselves.  We feel our own needs first and best.  And everyone else is competitor to our survival. But that can change if and when we consider someone else.  People need the company of other people; and seek to find those they like or agree with.  Some will find accord with a cause or person they decide is as worthy as themselves; if not more so.  When they do it is an opportunity for a bond of loyalty to grow.

It can be a bond between siblings; forged from years of close association and common rearing.  Or a dedication developed through shared values among associates.  Or people’s love for their pets.  Loyalty may come from abiding faith; or even through indoctrination.  But once this devotion has formed, it is a potent force.  For when a person decides to be loyal, they feel it is something they are supposed to do.

When we promise our loyalty we give power to our cause.  Because our pledge adds strength to its potential.  And when we express loyalty it is a statement of affirmation that our act of faithfulness is true.  We also pledge ourselves to the rightness of the cause.  For then we will defend what we are loyal to as we would defend ourselves.  Because in one sense, we are one with what we give our loyalty to.  Since we have decided that it is at least as important as we are.

We have the ability to make our thoughts and imaginings become real in the world around us.  We do it everyday.  So when we combine our will and focus our intent we have the potential to generate enormous creative power.  Therefore it is important that this ability work to our advantage, which then will allow us to benefit the most from it.  A persons’ loyalty to something is an aspect of that power; which they make real when they believe in what they do.

If our steadfast support goes toward constructive causes then our society will grow.  As people all want to have better lives.  So when we place our loyalty in people who focus on improving the human condition then, we will prosper.  For that will allow us to use our resources to better effect; which will be of benefit to more people.  And that, in turn, will lead to a more stable world; where we combat sickness and want, rather than each other.

However, those same creative powers can be used to create destruction and mayhem.  For when one invests their devotion into divisive causes, or leaders; those goals attack society’s cohesion.  As it diverts attention and energy away from solving problems and helping people.  It weakens their culture because it seeks to cause problems instead of resolving them.   So misplaced loyalty can make a bad situation worse.

For that reason it is  important to be sure of the goals and motives of the people one gives their loyalty to.  And that means understanding why they find these people worthy of their unswerving support.  Lest they discover they’ve given their backing to someone or something that does not represent their goals.  Or are committing acts in their name which they do not approve of, or want to happen.

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Respectfully Yours,

J. A. Stubbs, Editor-In-Chief

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