A Word About Connection



One of the goals of this website is to communicate ideas and share concepts.  As human beings, we acknowledge with wonder the fact that we are born and live.  And as human beings we feel it is important that we survive as a species.  We think that sharing knowledge is our best option for assuring human survival.  For gives each of us access to vast amounts of information which we do not personally collect.  So as a group we gain a comprehensive assessment  of our resources.  As well as an first hand account of where those resources are needed.

It is also our belief that this is the most effective way to understand other people.  We believe that sharing ideas and concepts helps people understand each other.  And provides them with additional insight as well.  This is because it gives people a chance to receive ideas they haven’t considered.  Or goals they aren’t aware are possible.  But in order for us to have the exchange there must be some connection between the communicating parties.  There are many types of connection, but in this instance we are referring to our lines of communication.

At Forgotten Lore Publishing, we know a lot more about the English language than we do about computer languages.  Which means we must rely on software other people make.  So we are dependent upon their procedures and logic, for managing elements of the website.  This is now an issue for us as one of our vendors provides our email service.  We recently tried to verify our subscribers list.  This inadvertently violated their procedures for using our email list.  So now our entire list of subscribers is invalidated; and we must compile a new one.

We want to communicate with our subscribers and ask them to take the step of resubscribing to Foregotten Lore.  This time we will be using a double opt-in protocol; which is becoming a standard for subscribing.  The are new and exciting developments at Forgotten Lore Publishing, llc.  We are publishing the first of a series of short stories, on Amazon!   Presenting the Sci Fi short story:


It is a story about a possible future.   Or is it happening now?  See our world with eyes that are familiar, yet brand new.  Then you will be left to wonder how many others watch with us.

This story is available for free to KDP select members until the end of the year (31Dec19).  We look forward to providing more short stories in the near future.  We may switch genres on occasion and we are always open to suggestions for desired content.  If you have one, please send it to wils@foregottenlore.com.  And again we ask for your assistance with rebuilding our Foregotten Lore mailing list  Here!  You can find more posts at our Library of Posts.

Respectfully Yours,

J. A. Stubbs, Editor-In-Chief

Forgotten Lore Publishing,llc