A Word About Dependence


We have what we have; and we are what we are because of other people.  Our lives begin and thrive due to someone other than us.   And our society works well because people do their part to make it work.  We live in a world we shape with our combined actions.  So we each have a hand in shaping the society we have.  For it is a system that works only as well as the input we give to it.  When people accept and contribute to this mutual understanding, our society can flourish.

Our collective communities have the complexity and scope they do because we have many people who create, produce or prepare much of what we need to live.  This system allows people in our society  flexibility in their choices of work.  As well as give them opportunities for creative goals and expression.  Which allows citizens to specialize in the various aspects of making our society work and run smoothly.  And our cooperative labors make this system more efficient; thus allowing us to get more done.

We live in a relatively stable society, with defined rules that govern it.  The system works and most citizens follow those rules.  They also rely on them being consistent and enforced.  When this happens people come to depend on the system operating as expected.  They align their plans and their lives around the social framework which has been created.  And when the system falls short of its’ usual performance, it will have a negative impact on whoever needs it.

When these disruptions happen people are not happy and often not forgiving of missteps or mistakes other people cause.  Even when it is beyond their control.  Such as a traffic jam caused by a delivery truck with a blown tire.  Or a security guard who is late returning home, due to the traffic jam.  Or the spouse who waits at home for them to return and mind their baby.  So that they can go to open the local drugstore.  Or the people waiting outside of that store to get their medicine.  So even small disruptions can have a far-reaching impact.

But we each have direct input into how well our society works.  And people’s lives are influenced by how well we honor and respect our roles in our society. When we do not do our best, we undercut our overall potential.  When we are not reliable, the system is less reliable, less efficient and less secure.  And when we don’t do our best, we encourage others to form the same outlook.  This weakens trust in our communities and trust in each other.  That also makes it take longer to get things done.  Plus we don’t do them as well.

When the average citizen holds back on what they can add to the community, that reduces our overall potential.  It also slows our societies’ development and growth.  And the more prominent the person is, the greater impact they may have on a communities’ productivity and goals.  Whether for good or ill.  We must remember that our society is only as strong as we make it; with our commitment and deeds.  We should also remember how dependent we are on one another for society to function.

We do ourselves a disservice when we undervalue the importance of the people around us.  Many of those people are doing things so that we don’t have to.  Things that need doing, and would affect us adversely if they weren’t being done by someone.  For others are guarding our well-being in myriad ways.  From safe-guarding our food supply, to collecting our waste; from teaching our children; to protecting our homeland; each person is important and has value.  And they are each part of the society that makes our world.

Respectfully Yours,

J. A. Stubbs, Editor-In-Chief

Forgotten Lore Publishing, llc