A Word About Humans


There is a bond of blood between all human beings.  We represent a single form of life, although there are myriad variations on our theme.  Each person gains the energy they need to live from the same source, if not in the same form.  That foundation is, of course, the planet Earth.  It has been said that “You are what you eat.”  If we accept this idea as true, then we are comprised of the essence of our home world.

Living on Earth gives us specific environments and resources which have help shape what we are.  And bind us through our shared biology and our will to survive.  But beyond that, as reasoning beings, we change the Earth in the attempt to maintain our survival.  Whether we do survive depends, at least in part, on how well we manage our world.  Yet this interplay with nature and with each other, has made us who we are.  It has also made us very much alike.

We are so alike that often we can’t stand it.  Or each other.  As we find our own flaws mirrored in the people around us.  It is because we all have the will to live.  Self-interest is a natural part of survival and it drives all people to some degree.  However, in spite of this tendency, humans rise above their natural self-interest every day.  They do it when they perceive or imagine a greater benefit than satisfying their own immediate or personal needs.

Even now, as this post is written, there are thousands of people working to protect millions of other people from the potential hazard of an approaching hurricane.  While some of these people are performing their job duties; there are countless others who are giving their time and effort to help thousands of people.  They set aside their wants, needs and safety to protect the lives of fellow human beings.  Often these are people they do not even know and have never met.

This is perhaps a survival trait of our species.  We will sacrifice ourselves for others if we decide that is best.  A parent will shield their child with their body.  No matter if it is from a fire, a storm, or a mass-shooting.  A soldier will fall on a live grenade to save his comrades.  A fire fighter will enter a burning building to save the lives of total strangers.  A peace officer will venture out onto thin ice, over a lake, to save an infant.  In each case they choose to deny their self-interest for what they deem is a better outcome.

If we can know this on a personal level then we can understand this principle on a larger scale.  In this case a planetary scale.  As our grip on the Earth’s resources grows tighter, our need to coordinate our actions and behavior becomes greater.  People on one side of the planet can ill afford to ignore the actions  of people on the other half.

Human beings are still the best resource that human beings have.  If we fail to use that advantage, our other tools may not be enough to forestall global hardship and unrest.  Can we temper our self oriented interests?  Can we compromise for the benefit of the human race’s survival and continued dominance of our planet?  We can if we choose to.  We will if we want to.

Respectfully Yours,

J. A. Stubbs, Editor-In-Chief

Forgotten Lore Publishing, llc