A Word About The Past


The past covers every event that has come before now.  Our current grasp of reality is based on it.  At this moment, we are here because of actions, events and decisions which previously occurred. That history stands as a record of many things.  Such as a chronicle of various shifts in the Earth’s crust;or ice ages; or meteorite impacts.  Ancient acts of devastation that helped shape our world.

Another trait history records is how humanity has faced obstacles like these in order to survive.  And includes the success rate and efficacy of those past choices.  These successful choices revealed which decisions worked better to help more people survive.  As they are not each equal in potential, they should  be compared to each other. Since these are known patterns of behavior with known strengths and weaknesses.

In addition to mere survival, there has been thousands of years of cultural influence.  It has of course, impacted our overall survival success.  But though we all arrive from the same past; we did not travel the same path to get to the present.  So we don’t all perceive our common past in the same way.  Which shows that while we have  shared experiences; we don’t always get the same information or understanding from them.

The past is only as real as we remember it.  And our memories are not always perfect.  Although we now have a written record of history; it is a record of what the historian wanted to tell.  But may not relate what really happened.  Or it may have errors because the historian didn’t fully understand the event.  Their facts may be incomplete.  Or it may be a false record.  Which has been given deliberately to mislead others.  Or was based on belief and hearsay rather than fact.

Previous events, actions and decisions over human history have brought us the reality we know now.  Humanity has survived, and prospered because we relied on each other.  We have spread across the entire planet.  Because we developed the ability to consider, hold, and share common ideas.  Plus we also trusted our cooperation would last and combine for our mutual advantage.  Not just for our personal benefit.

We have learned from history that behaving this way makes life easier and more manageable for a society.  For it is in our nature to want to live with other people.  So part of our reflection should include how we accomplished goals successfully in the past.  That way we can at least learn about things that make it difficult to live with other people.  Then we may avoid doing them by accident.  This may improve our insight into the behavior of others.

However history also shows us a lengthy report of other past actions, choices and decisions people have made over the years.  They reveal attitudes and options which humans made in the past that did not benefit our survival.  In some instances those societies did not survive at all.  In other situations their choices made survival harder to achieve.  We are the result of those previous decisions.  And as a result, the reality those decisions created.

The fruits of those choices are a now a  part of human make up.  They caused what we have become.  However the decisions we make now are the history of our grandchildren.  We shall determine whether look back at our time from a condition of opportunity or privation.  We will direct whether their time is abundant with options and exploration.  Or whether it holds only desolation and strife.

If it is our choice to make, let’s choose the path which leads to a healthier planet.  If the decision is up to us, let’s opt for a successful and productive human race.  Let’s develop a world which thrives and allows nature’s many forms to flourish in harmony.   And allows humanity to become a long-lived species which makes a lasting foothold in this galaxy.

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Respectfully Yours,

J. A. Stubbs, Editor-In-Chief

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