A Word About Expression



Expression reveals information about some discrete thing.  People use more than one form of expression when they communicate.  Whether it is a verbal expression such as “a stitch in time saves nine” which conveys advice as well as information.  Or a facial expression which reveals annoyance or pain. They are often used relay a complete thought or idea quickly.  And they let us share our emotional states with each other.

This helps us indicate how we feel about what we are saying.  Because it provides an additional context to the message being related.  That makes it easier for us to understand each other.  And there are several words which are designed to communicate how we feel.  Although just letting a person express themselves by “speaking their piece” is sometimes enough.  So that they share how they feel, no matter what the message is.

Therefore an  expression reveals the nature of whatever is being expressed.  And while all living things have a nature which they reveal; expression is not limited to lifeforms.  Such as when a radioactive ore expresses a decay rate.  Or a ray of light expresses a frequency.  Although it does not have to be a physical thing which is expressed.  As with a mathematical equation which describes or expounds a concept.

It is a byproduct of existing and is a  component of reality.  As even DNA expresses itself; and is an inherent impulse which drives all that lives.  Which indicates it is in our nature to reflect aspects of who and what we are.  For it is a spontaneous event, which occurs continuously throughout our lifetimes.  It is as natural as breathing and just as necessary.  Which makes it part of how we make our way through our lives.

We each have our own unique set of characteristics and traits;  which manifest themselves from birth.  And we are convey them through our actions, beliefs, preferences and tendencies.  While some of these behaviors occur through interaction with the world, others are innate.  Yet our likes and dislikes reveal them; as do our affinities or aversions.  Along with many other predispositions and tendencies.  And it does not matter in which venue the expression occurs.

As people discover or feel their innate capabilities, drives and talents; they are likely to express them.  Because it is in their nature; as an aspect of their being.  And a reflection of their make up.  Whether it is the toddler with an amazing sense of balance that goes into gymnastics.  The child that naturally displays musical skills.  Or an affinity for caring for dogs.  A yen for exploration.  Or a fondness for painting.  Even preparing food has an element of self-expression; which goes beyond just surviving.

While our impulse for expression is inborn; we do have some control over our manner of forming it.  As well as how we present it to others.  And since we must live with other people, way we express ourselves matters a lot.  For our biases and personal quirks will have some impact on others.  Even if it is not our conscious intent.  Yet the influence we create may not always be positive.  So it’s better to understand what you are expressing.  Then you will know how it  may impact others.

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Respectfully Yours,

J. A. Stubbs, Editor-In-Chief

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