A Word About Respect



Respect is the extent of esteem one person has or holds. Whether for any given person or thing, other than themselves.  While we save self-respect for our own benefit.  Respect is measured, in part; by how much consideration a person gives to someone else.  Which means giving thought to or about the value of others.  Whether it be their person, their feelings, or their well-being.  It is a measure of the regard we have for someone.

Respect acknowledges that somethings (such as other people) have worth.  Or they have value, or other importance.  It also means they merit consideration.  As a meaningful part of existence.  The reality of their presence requires it.  For it indicates they may hold information which is pertinent to your survival.  Failing to give that respect easily creates missed opportunities.  As well as the likelihood of negative feedback.  From anyone who feels they are not respected.

Some people think respect is an expression of deference or fear.  Or that respecting someone else means respecting themselves less.  Yet it is not the same as fear.  But rather an evaluation of a perceived threat or danger.  As when potential threats occur, exercising caution is a valid option.  And perhaps respect is understanding of how things relate to oneself.  (at least in personal importance).  As well as how things relate to each other.

It is  important to understand and respect others.  And be respected in turn.  While considering their words, thoughts, and potential worth. This mutual regard builds communities, and cultures.  When we consider others, we enlarge our scope of reality.  As people show one another respect, and due consideration; they exchange information freely.  And ideas are collaboratively  examined. Then evaluated for their relative merits.  Because it enhances the overall environment for creative thought and expression.

Humans are not endowed with the strongest muscles on Earth.  Nor the keenest vision or fastest reflexes.  Among all the life our planet holds.  We can’t physically fly through the air unaided.  Nor swim hundreds of miles at a stretch, without pause.  Yet we hold a novel viewpoint of reality.  Unique among all land-based life on our world.  We have the skill to share and consider each others thoughts.  We weigh others merit or value.   As well as the value of their thoughts.  And even ponder the worth of access to what they are thinking.

When we take time to respect others, we often gain positive benefit for it.  Such as the benefit of association and common purpose.  Or an insight into different concepts.  These are advantages which improve ones’ chances for success.  Which prowess alone does not.  Including opportunities for self-expression and personal success.  Sometimes there is no gain or tangible advantage from the effort. But even so, we still learn from the experience.

Though on many occasions, people are unwilling to respect others.  There are a variety of reasons for this.  They often try deny a person, or group, due consideration.  Competition is one motivation.  It is easier to ignore the entreaties of strangers.  Rather than cries for mercy from family or friends.  Time management is another factor.  There isn’t enough time or resources to review every idea.  So shunning people or groups of people becomes a tactic.  It is a ‘thought free’ way to reduce the number of things they need to consider.

But whatever their justification, that decision divides society.  They focus their efforts on reinforcing their viewpoints.  While they try to influence society to adopt their concepts and agenda, without debate.  They are only interested in pushing their goals.  Instead of forging compromises or reconciling differences.  Which in turn fuels resentment.  It also encourages retaliation against their perceived assaults.  Unless addressed, this will eventually divide a society even more.

We respect the desire to live. Because we understand it is a biological imperative all people share.  We each have that in common.  So is it reasonable to wonder if there are other commonalities?  Are there aspects of our nature we must explore further?  And if so, how far do these commonalities reach?  These questions merit consideration.  So do human beings.  For all we know, all life exists on our world.  That is worth some respect.

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Respectfully Yours,

J. A. Stubbs, Editor-In-Chief

Forgotten Lore Publishing, llc