A Word About Creativity


Creativity is a natural impulse.  Perhaps our instinct to survive links us to it; as part of survival for humans means creating new life. But our urge for creativity reaches well beyond that simple, primal, directive.  It’s one of many tools we’ve used to overcome devastating odds in our struggle to exist on this planet.  But beyond being a tool, creativity is a form of expression.

When we hear music we enjoy, there is a natural impulse to respond to it.  Sometimes it gives us the urge to spontaneously dance, sing, or hum.  These are creative expressions of inner decisions and feelings which present who we are.  When we sit and idly doodle, on a sheet of paper; there is usually no predetermined design  planned.  Yet it stimulates our creative impulses.  And there are other ways we cause new creations or experiences to occur.

It springs from the way we consider the world.  As we test and manipulate concepts with our thoughts; new and original possibilities for action inspire us.  When we choose to pursue these decisions, we invest our being into making it happen.  If the attempt fails, it is often considered a negative experience.  However, when we discover ways to generate our unique ideas or perspective physically, it brings us satisfaction.

It’s likely that the human mind actively seeks opportunities to explore creative expression.  It is a hallmark of the raw potential of human thought; and when restrained or thwarted, unrest will occur.  As strong feelings and invested ideas demand expression.  Even when we discuss our DNA we refer to how it expresses itself.  Just as our lives allow us to express the attributes we are born with.  So being creative is part of what made us the way that we are.

But being creativity does not necessarily mean being constructive.  Which is clear to us by the fact we witness daily acts of destruction, which are creative acts.  They are creative in the sense that they bring something, or some condition into being which did not exit before.  These are occurrences such as  a new physical reality; or a novel circumstance which was formerly impossible, unlikely, or unknown.

We hear from birth that we are mortal and that our time on Earth is finite.  Yet beyond our desire for offspring to extend our existence; many people yearn for other ways to live on.  Ways such as remembrance for good works and deeds.  Or for devices, and processes shared with the world that improve or make easier the human condition.  Even an idea, or philosophy which affects or alters what and how we consider reality, applies.  In each instance, the opportunity for self-expression, in a creative way; realizes itself.

However we also call cutting down forests to develop farm land a creative act.  As is destroying an apartment complex to make room for a parking lot.  Or shooting children in a school, so that your name earns a place in some history book.  These acts, and more, are decisions which give some people a sense of creative accomplishment.   If and when they have no other ready or likely avenue for expression; some will choose destructive behavior, over none.

There our others in society who, when faced with a perceived loss of freedom to express what they are feeling or who they are; opt to take their own lives.  It is a creative exercise which is difficult to prevent; and is best addressed by providing other creative opportunities.  Hopefully more constructive ones.  We, as human beings, have input into whether we collaboratively foster a society which makes space for constructive creative pursuits.  Or a world where each individual personality must fight for a chance to express their innate need to create.

We wish everyone a Happy May Day.  And congratulate each graduate, on completing a major accomplishment.  The degree or diploma, you’ve earned is an indicator of the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired.  So we urge you to use them thoughtfully as you embark on your life long pursuit of constructive  creative expression.  May it give you the happiness and permanence you seek.

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Respectfully Yours,

J. A. Stubbs, Editor-In-Chief

Forgotten Lore Publishing, llc