A Word About Taxes

In Place




Today, is the day to ‘pay the piper,’ if you haven’t already.  And ‘Uncle Sam’ is awaiting his due.  We honor this tax obligation because it is the law.  But more than that, we pay this money because we accept the idea it serves our best interests.  The courts say that “money is speech.”  So this is the day most of us talk to the government.  And when we speak with our tax money, we want accountability for how it’s used.

People often don’t agree on where the money should be spent. However most people understand there are some things taxes shouldn’t purchase or pay for.  Contaminated or substandard goods, for example.  We also don’t want our taxes directed towards deliberate waste or fraud.  Although people often don’t agree on what that is either.

One thing which is certain, everyone who has income must account for it.  And our government is meticulous when calculating their share of that income.  In turn this process requires each tax filer be equally diligent.  This assures the taxing officials have the right information for an accurate assessment.  This is as important to us at Forgotten Lore Publishing llc, as it is to the rest of the country.

So while we make last-minute adjustments to this year’s offering; we conclude this posting with the same theme that started the month of April: random selections of poetry.  Again, the staff selected these presentations; and the works are by J. A. Stubbs.  He retains all rights, but allows their use for this post.



glimpses through a window

bubbles of thought

stolen snatches

of wonders wrought

tastes of memory

simmered in time

echoes of ego

a song of life’s prime

(and how was I seduced – from childhood’s clear course)


promises of power

never achieved

strayed from the path

never deceived

new hopes of future

pasts’ bitter taste

fear of present tense

with more life to waste

(why can’t seeing save me – from futility’s force)



J. A. Stubbs



In Place


You were nowhere

As you are now

You are change and

You don’t know how


J. A. Stubbs



Looking Back


the picture was dark

the odds great and grim

when with hope’s dying spark

you battled with them



you didn’t seek strife

with any other

but what use is a life

chained to another



so you took your stand

decided to try

to refuse their command

and if not to die



it was a wonder

when you fought and won

tore their plans asunder

stood free in the sun


J. A. Stubbs



This all for now. Next month we shall return to our scheduled content.  For a look at other posts, click here.

Respectfully Yours,

J. A. Stubbs, Editor-In-Chief

Forgotten Lore Publishing, llc