A Word About Contests


The first day of April is often an opportunity for harmless pranks, or telling silly stories.  Some of the more practical-minded among us turn an eye towards our gardens; or seek to start something new.  We suspect that interest in these pastimes is a result of the longer days, and warmer weather, we begin experiencing around this time of year.

After the cold and dark challenges of Winter, we anticipate the activities, and opportunities, that herald the blossoming of Spring.  In keeping with that spirit of exploration, we participated in a poetry contest today; promoted by Winning Writers.com. This site is an important resource, and opportunity for writers, newly minted, or seasoned; to keep pace with many of the contest offerings held each year.

They provide listings of Free Literary Contests, and more (and their coverage ranges beyond the United States); as well as sponsoring contests of their own.  While some of these contests have entry fees; a significant number which are free to enter.  Along with the proper submission requirements, deadlines and official contacts, of the contest providers.

However listing contests are only some of the benefit they offer writers; as they address multiple aspects of a writer’s craft.  This includes writing resources, techniques, tools and insights.  They also discuss writing styles, voice, various genres and poetic forms.  All available for merely subscribing to their website.  If your interest in learning about writing contests, this free site seems a legitimate and straightforward place to begin.

We have an interest in learning more about their organization, and similar sites; which encourage, and assist writers.  We are learning more about literary contests and their benefit for new writers.   As we are developing plans for our own exploration into poetry, and other poetic forms.  That is still ahead of us; but on this April First we succumbed to curiosity, decided to do something different.  And who knows? We may win!

While we won’t mention our submission to Winning Writers.com, the staff has selected a poem to present for today’s posting.  Neither shall I comment on the genre, or selection they’ve chosen.  But I do hope you enjoy it.

The Emperor’s Nephew

The emperor’s nephew                                                                                                and the emperor’s niece                                                                                               traveled through the galaxy                                                                                              to bring the empire peace

The monarch’s niece was murdered                                                                           the nephew became enraged                                                                                       he soon was caught in a war                                                                                        that had already been staged

The nephew’s heart was hardened                                                                           and he escalated this war                                                                                             sought out his cousin’s murderers                                                                             then slowly slaughtered all four

The opposing armies tried to yield                                                                             but he continued to fight                                                                                               since they could not deter him                                                                                     they fled in haste and fright

His armies hunted them long                                                                                      across the empire wide                                                                                                they finally had to leave it                                                                                             for there was nowhere to hide

Forced from their homes they were bitter                                                              the nephew’s hated name they cursed                                                                     and vowed that they would destroy him                                                                  but would end his uncle’s rule first

The emperor named these kin outlaws                                                                    . and set a price for each head                                                                                     remember this cause of the struggle                                                                        that has now left billions  dead

This poem was written by J. A. Stubbs, in a different millennium; for a world that no longer exists.  He has given Forgotten Lore Publishing, llc permission to use “The Emperor’s Nephew” for this post.  He retains all rights to this intellectual property.  More posts are available here.

Respectfully Yours,

J.  A. Stubbs, Editor-In-Chief

Forgotten Lore Publishing, llc