A Word About The Future


 As we stand at the dawn of a new year, it is understandable that our minds anticipate this predictable change; and the opportunities that we perceive  await us.  But it is not only the reset of the calendar which causes us to focus on the possibility of things to come.  For although we exist in the present, much of our daily thought and effort is focused on preparing, and pursuing outcomes which have not happened yet.  Whether we seek to deny these occurrences, or strive to call them into being; we are committed to the daily task of considering what life may bring.

People tend to feel safer when they have or feel they have, control over their surroundings; or how it impacts them.  As people become better able to predict events before they happen (when the next paycheck will arrive; for how much pay), they also tend to strengthen their effective use of the present.  Knowledge of the future, or future occurrences, can offer a sense of predictability and reliability for people, in their daily efforts. 

Forecasting future events successfully; has made some, wealthy beyond measure.  More often than not, those of us who can’t predict the future in that way; wish they could.  And good evaluation skills are actively coveted and highly prized in our society, by those who are driven to meet and/or maintain a competitive edge.  Evaluating the future, and seeking to wring every possible measure of material value from each minute of our days; has become the studied model for our world.

As a model of action influences our behavior, and tactics; it also colors our outlook, and values.  A way for getting things done, can easily become the way for getting things done.  This sometimes happens without any thought or consideration for unintended consequences which may occur.  Even if assessed, the impact of any drawbacks may not be fully understood; or may not adversely affect the ones making the decisions.  Then the future becomes a battleground for competing ideas and interests. 

The vision of the future we create for ourselves, is the motivation to strive which drives us forward.  But consideration of the future is some times done at the expense of what is appropriate for the present.  When that calculation is handled poorly, the future becomes harder to reach.  (If you spend your last on tools for your new job, you are now equipped to do the job.  But what do you eat, for the next three weeks, until payday?)  We all wish to reach the future, But to do that we must successfully master now.  

Our organization has these same obligations, and hurdles.  The future provides us another opportunity to help others, and seek success in our own right.  Our task is simply to understand, and appreciate the available tools of the present; to develop and shape the future we hope to share with the world.  With that in mind, we will offer some new features in the coming weeks, and months.  The future is often attractive, because it hasn’t happened yet; and we can well imagine all the good things it could bring.

Still the future’s roots lie in what we do today; and so today take fresh stock of where you are, who you are, and what you choose to be from now forward.  The only limits the future holds are the limits to our thoughts, and imagination.  And the future is yours, for the shaping, and making.  We wish you a happy new day, a happy new year, and most of all a happy new outlook! 

Respectfully Yours,

J. A. Stubbs, Editor-In-Chief

Forgotten Lore Publishing, llc