A Word More About Belief



It can be argued that most people want to be successful.  Whatever actions or choices they make, people are generally trying to preserve or improve their chances for survival.  And while they may hope for more than just continuing to exist; most would agree that continuing to exist is a form of success.  If for no other reason than it means one is still alive to potentially achieve other successes.  There are many, however, who have greater goals than mere survival.

We spend our lives trying to understand what reality is, and how to use what we’ve learned to our best advantage.  Often however, our assessment of what’s really going on lacks sufficient information for us to accurately predict the course of many future events.  We have wants, and needs – but only a finite amount of time and energy – so we are continually forced to make ‘on the spot’ decisions about addressing the future.  When knowledge is lacking, belief is sometimes all that’s left to ‘fill in the blanks.’  Sometimes this approach doesn’t work and our efforts are not fully comprehensive. 

When people undertake the serious task of starting a business, even a small one, it’s usually because they believe that the business will create a product or provide a service, or generate some positive benefit to, or for, someone.  The investment of resources, time, and spirit which people pour into the development, the structure, the physical presence, maintenance and promotion of a budding business, is evidence of the strength of their belief.  When they invest their all in an idea, or on an intellectual property; it is likely because they believe it is worth their time to do so.

An idea can be considered to be the ‘brainchild’ of the one who thought it first.  And it is natural that they feel they have ownership of it.  But, ideas are nebulous, as they are born within a human mind; and controlling rights or access to such intellectual properties is often a difficult, and expensive enterprise.  The staff here at Forgotten Lore Publishing, llc has made this investment.  We have proprietary interests, and rights in “forelore,” “forelore books,” “foregotten lore,” “foregottenlore,” and “foregottenlore.com.” 

Now we are presented with a serious challenge to our company’s growth structure, and development plans by another company.  This Chinese corporation likes some of our intellectual properties so much, that they want to take them for their own business enterprise.  We are still working toward a satisfactory resolution to this challenge; and we will continue the fight to keep our dream alive.  Believe it!

Respectfully Yours,

J. A. Stubbs, Editor-In-Chief

Forgotten Lore Publishing, llc