A Word More About Ideas


We here at Forgotten Lore Publishing have recently discovered we have competitors which we weren’t even aware of.  But they are aware of us.  They are competing with us for out internet keyword and domain name rights.  Which is our intellectual property. They seek to take the terms “foregottenlore,” and “foregotten lore,”  as internet keywords for their corporation.

The domain name organization CNYGDomain has advised us that we have three business days to protect our intellectual property.  They say we must  do this by registering for keyword rights with them, in a multi-year contract. 

We are told that failing to do this leaves our competitors open to co-opting our ideas.  And they will be allowed to register “foregottenlore,” and “foregotten lore,” for their enterprise.  This will profoundly undermine the   concept profile our young company seeks to further develop.  It also puts at risk the considerable amount of time and resources we have poured into our business.

Because this is incredibly short notice, our options are restricted.  The painful expense of effectively fending off this corporate attack, has forced us to redirect our time and meager resources.  So we must now direct them toward protecting, and preserving our intellectual property; and our vision. 

With some good fortune, and perhaps the well-wishes of others, we’ll be successful.  This will allow us to continue offer benefit to visitors to our site. And in time add more content to that data base; but continue doing so without requiring a charge to see it.

When a person or group of people; develop a concept, that’s where their attention is.  If they create a new product, they are thing about that.  Should they devise a new process, that’s where their focus is.  So one thing they are likely not expecting; is piracy. Or people trying to steal it away from them. 

Some might consider this clever.  And some might call it laziness.  Some would name it theft, because that’s what it is.  However one justifies it, we oppose to this attempted co-opting of our hard-earned rights.

It is equally concerning to watch foreign companies raid businesses in our society.  As they seem able to take others intellectual property. And do it openly.  Yet there is no practical option, or recourse to prevent it from happening.  Or stopping it, once it has begun.

Respectfully Yours,

J. A. Stubbs, Editor-In-Chief

Forgotten Lore Publishing, llc