A Word About Us



We are finite beings, with a range of limitations and imperfections; not the least of which are our own senses.  Left to our own efforts, survival on our world presents a daunting challenge, which many of us would not meet unaided.  The human body is relatively fragile when compared to many other creatures on Earth.

However, that shortcoming is offset by our affinity for joining forces, and our skill at working in concert to control our environment.  Also our mutual striving, to enhance our chances for living lives which are free of pain and want.  There are basic needs, goals, and drives which we all share.  That commonality of interests is a framework for communication and cooperation.

We generally relate well enough to each other so that we have some insight into what the people around us are feeling; and what those feelings would mean if they were our own.  This possibility of empathy allows the me aspect of I, the opportunity to understand and appreciate the cares and fate, of some one who is not me.  It is perhaps the main reason for many people going out of their way to help a stranger they find in danger, or distress; as they perceive the nature of the stranger’s plight.  It also highlights the premise that we need each other, for our mutual benefit.

It is also possible that me and another person have a shared understanding of reality; and a complementary agreement on the proper path for directing its future course.  An agreement which allows me access to a larger database of understanding and forms a pact of inclusion with you works to my benefit, and in turn generates the blended perspective that is us.  This  additional perspective brings with it, new possibilities; such as the chance to have your viewpoint represented in two different places at the same time.

When me and you reach an accord, our skills and  opportunities for directing actions or controlling decisions, (in options, timing, and implementation) are also made stronger.  Us occurs when me and you have a direct understanding and agreement, on a given subject.  The more people who accept, or adopt the same accord; the larger the group of us there will be.  Us is like the tenor section of a large choir.  It has a set of voices which convey a given message, or theme.

However a choir has other voices, which represent different insights and abilities; and each have different messages to convey.  Just as the various voices in a choir may harmonize when they are in accord on a given composition or theme, it is equally possible for the same voices to cancel out each others message when they lack accord, and devolve into separate groups of us.  But perhaps one of the most important things about formation of us is that it helps one address the sense of separation, isolation, and loneliness of the first person experience.  It provides an assurance that there is something more than only yourself, which you can also rely on.

Most of us, belong to one group or another of us; however we are not all within the same groups of us.  Many groups of us fear other groups of us; because if you are not one of us, then you are one of them: which is not us.  Some groups of us are as vast as an army, and other groups of us merely the size of a marriage.  Yet the sense of agreement, belonging, and purpose of any group of us when it has accord is just as meaningful, and potentially productive.  Even if it is ‘just the two of us.’

Respectfully Yours,

J. A. Stubbs, Editor-In-Chief

Forgotten Lore Publishing, llc