A Word About Me



Me is a word which describes, and identifies one’s singular identity as a unique existence; which is separate from all others.  When a person considers what they really know, as a certainty; it is hard to argue that they understand anything better than their own sense of existence, and view of reality. 

How one relates to their existence and anything they discover in it, has to mesh with their determination of what is real, and their assessment of what is true.  Every experience they have is always evaluated within the current  understanding of the ‘me’ they have determined that they are.

Knowing that there is a ‘me,’ and feeling the internal sensations of ‘me’, and having the self-consideration of ‘me,’ is perhaps considered as the one fundamental and undeniable ‘truth’ a person may hold.  And it is likely the primary ‘yardstick’ we use to measure, and assess all others we interact with throughout the course of our lives. 

Our sense of the environment around us is direct, immediate, and for the most part, requires no translation beyond what our senses show us.  Our daily survival depends upon how effectively we are able to accurately determine the information our senses bring us.  Since that is true, we rely on them heavily.

Differing points of view, relayed by others, can only be considered second-hand at best; if they  even at all.  Therefore they do not, and cannot have the same feeling of reality as one’s own intimate, internal assessment.  If that assessment of existence falls short of their expectations, will not be content. 

So it is only natural that they will attempt to alter reality as they perceive it.  And change it into one which is more aligned with their needs, and desires.  It is not difficult to understand that they will be highly motivated to assure their needs receive the highest priority they can; and that their goals come to pass first.

Once their ‘me’ has calculated the reality they believe best for them, along with the path towards creating it they will strive for; those plans are often extremely difficult to abandon.  Differing ideas, or outcomes, must compete for consideration with the agenda their ‘me’ has already set in place as the ‘blueprint for success’ of their existence. 

For those external observations, or goals, did not arrive with the same level of authenticity of credentials as the insight which came from ‘me’.  As it must always be remembered that ‘me’ is first motivated to what is best; for ‘me.’  It is clear, in general, that the person humans are most inclined to believe, and trust, are themselves. 

Beyond that intimate level of integrity, all other sources must penetrate the filter of ‘enlightened self-interest’ most people hold.  As it is the armor of their existence, and well-being; both physically and mentally.  This should be expected, and there is no fault in that. 

However, even though this bias toward survival must exist, if we hope to secure a productive, peaceful, and lasting society; perhaps we must strive for a balance between what is best for ‘me,’ and what is best for ‘us.’  If we decide this is worthwhile, it means acknowledging that just because we know what we think first, this is not enough.  For what we know may in fact not be what is best for ‘me,’ or even a good idea.

Respectfully Yours,

J. A. Stubbs, Editor-In-Chief

Forgotten Lore Publishing, llc