A Word About Voice


Voice is but one of many words in the English language, that have more than one meaning; depending on its usage.  In one sense it is a term which refers to the vocal aspects of our speech-making ability.  It describes the deliberate  sounds people make.  Whether they are grunting or humming, singing or talking.  Or making any other arbitrary audible sound.

This aspect of voice concerns speech patterns and vocal utterances we use.   The deliberate sounds we make to reach other minds, and share ideas with them.  Long ago we perfected these audible characteristics and capabilities.  Together, along with the rules and conventions of language we use, gives us speech.  This allows for communication as we use and understand it today.

However, there is another aspect of voice we reference today.  It is the idea of voice which represents an individual understanding, and point of view.  Each person has their own internal perception of the world around them.  That understanding is a unique apprehension of what the world is.  For each person, that perception is reality.  And they are fully invested in that view of the world.

This behavior indicates how their viewpoint orders their lives, and choices.  Each person’s voice reflects the outlook,  information, and experiences, they amass over time.  It also reveals the perspective they develop, as they grow.  And their understanding of how things actually are.  These conclusions create the distinct reference which informs their voice.  They also directly reflect their inner thoughts.

Each person has a voice which springs from their inner awareness.  And so every voice desires an audience.  All people have an inherent need for consideration.  In fact, it is clear our need for this relationship is pronounced. So we’ve developed the capabilities which now make that possible.  Because people are strongly motivated, and culturally conditioned, to share what they know with each other.  Thus we freely share our point-of-view with others.

This idea exchange is a part of our connection with each other.  And expands each person’s ability for exploring more of the world than they personally see.  It also satisfies need for self-expression which all people have.  As such, it is a basic factor of human motivation which drives our interactions in society.   It also informs others of our beliefs, goals, and understanding.  And ultimately characterizes our relationships with other people.

Although every voice desires expression; for a variety of reasons, not every voice is heard.  When voices are not heard or allowed to speak, discord is often the result.  Because denying people a chance for expressing their voice only compels their use of other avenues of expression.  This breakdown in the exchange of ideas causes alienation, mistrust, and misunderstanding.  When this condition occurs, it works at odds with a peacefully functioning society.

Every voice does not hold, or share, the ideas or information which develop, or enhance the course of society.  But that is not every voice’s mission.  Some voices seek only express the beauty they find in life, or in the world.  Or reveal their desire for the safety of their society, or themselves.  Some voices strive to explore and share their understanding of reality.  But how will we know which voice offers valuable thoughts?  Unless we listen; and hear different voices when they speak.

Our voice shows others who we are.  As it reveals ourselves and makes our understanding of the world, known to others.  Voice is a needed contribution to our collective appreciation of reality.  And why we are here in it.  It is the result of an ancient commitment humanity has made to itself.  Our voice is a force (born of our life’s energy) which demands expression.  This impulse is not easily denied.  So we should take the time needed to hear one another.  But beyond that; grant each other the time needed for true consideration.

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Respectfully Yours,

J. A. Stubbs, Editor-In-Chief

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