A Word About Words



I am J. A. Stubbs, Editor-In-Chief at Forgotten Lore Publishing, llc.  I welcome you to our new enterprise!   Our staffs’ hope and aim, is offering and describing tools for understanding how many  words (English words) sound.  As well as how to use them accurately, appropriately, and effectively.

It seems reasonable to begin with some general thoughts about our overall subject.  Which is a look at how people use words to create, express, or shield, ideas.  As it relates to sharing information with others.  However, It’s important to define the limits of the discussion, at the start.  This assures that everyone is on the same page.

Almost every thought and action that crosses one’s mind has a corresponding word associated with it.  And we use words to describe our world to ourselves, as well as to others.  Words allow us to conceive, construct, and control our day-to-day lives; as well as interact (successfully) with others.  But they also enable us to confuse, deceive, or manipulate others as well.

Millions of people use words, rely on words, to manage their existence.  But far too often they do not fully appreciate the power of their words.  A careless word, spoken in the wrong context.  Or a word innocently mispronounced. A word used for its’ denotation, but confused for its’ connotation.  And each are examples of how using words can fall short of their intended purpose.  Which is, of course, to understand, and be understood.

The data base we are providing here, is an attempt at beginning a thoughtful first step;  because it offers enhanced clarity on this challenging topic.  As we discuss various words and their sounds.  And the elements of the ‘what’s and how’s’ of these tools for communication.  We welcome any suggestions, thoughts, or observations; which further our stated goals, or ideas for more areas of study.

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Respectfully Yours,

J. A. Stubbs, Editor-In-Chief

Forgotten Lore Publishing, llc